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Guide To Download & Set Up VLC Player To Stream Beams-TV

VLC is one of the most commonly used and free media players. It comes with the necessary codecs preloaded so you don’t need to download any. VLC lets you stream both internet radio and IPTV perfectly. It also lets you record the streams on your PC.

Here’s how you set up VLC media player to stream IPTV.

Step 1: Download the VLC Media Player for PC from the link below.





Step 2: Press CTRL + N and paste the below link in the popped up window


[Replace the xxxx after username & password with your IPTV username & password]

Note: CHECK FOR TYPOS. Username & password are case-SENSITIVE



Step 3: Hit play and the channel listed on the top of the playlist will begin streaming.


Note: To see the list of the channels, go to “View” from the menu bar on the top and select “Playlist”.










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