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No EPG in Perfect Player?

Double check that you have no typos in your url and that you have enabled the epg. if no luck then proceed with the below;

Find the main menu at the top-center of the screen, and look for the refresh button, which is second from the right symbolised by a circle with two arrows on it. Use the d-pad to highlight it, and press down (not the middle okay button, but downwards on the d-pad). The epg should force update.

The reason the epg fails to update is because the default setting is set to Download only when the epg is empty, which can be effected by time zone differences, or information left on one or two channels in the epg. To reduce the occurrences of needing to force update the epg, go into Settings/General/EPG 1 and find the drop down menu that is below your epg url. Change the drop down menu to say Download once a day.

Another thing to try is to remove the last digit from the EPG url, save, restart the app, restore the last digit, save and restart. This will force Perfect Player to pull in the EPG from scratch.

As a Last resort you can try clearing the app’s cache Close Perfect Player, Go to your device settings and then app manager, go to Perfect Player and force stop/force close, then clear the cache (DO NOT CLEAR DATA!), restart Perfect Player.

If this fails to work, We recommend a fresh install of the app.

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