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NextPVR is a Windows application where you can watch or record your IPTV channels and view OnDemand content. It can also act as a PVR backend for Kodi or Emby, if you’d prefer to use those as your front end.

NextPVR set-up guide.

First, you’ll need to install Next PVR on your Windows PC. This can be found at

Secondly, you’ll need either LAV Filters or the K-Lite Codec Pack. Downloads can be easily found using a search engine.

Once installed you should see the ‘n’ logo inside a black circle in the bottom right of your desktop. Right click on that and click on Show Settings.

Once in settings, click on Devices and then right click on IPTV Device. Click on Setup Device. Click on Import. In the M3U source section, add the Beams-TV playlist URL you were given when you joined.

In the Guide Source section, add the EPG URL also given in the same email. Click OK and wait for the channels to download to NextPVR.

NextPVR will then ask you if you wish to do an EPG update and click OK, then wait for it to download the programme guide, click OK and the EPG will be ready for you to use.

You’ll also need to add decoders to NextPVR. Earlier you should have installed either LAV Filters or the K-Lite Codec Pack.

Go back to settings and click on Decoders.

For Video Renderer, use EVR, For Audio and Music Renderer, use Default DirectSound Device.

For the rest of them, use LAV Video or Audio Decoder. Although you can also use Microsoft DTV-DVD Decoder for the H.264 option if you find it works better with it instead of LAV and then click ok.

To watch a channel, right click on the ‘n’ logo and Start Next PVR, go to TV Guide, then click on Group where you’ll see all the categories and scroll to the desired programme on the tv channel on now. You can also use the EPG to highlight shows you wish to record (multiroom is required to watch and record at the same time).

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