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First, you need to add your mac code to your account, this can be done sending us a ticket here:


If you are setting up a new Mag box:

    1. You connect your MAG box to your TV and to your internet router.
    2. It takes around 30-60 seconds to boot, once it does it you can go to (settings) and select (interface). It’s here you tell it where to go when it loads up. You can also change here your weather information to be shown in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.
    3. Now you need to go to (system settings) and choose (Network) and then Auto (DHCP).
    4. Choose now (Auto-update software) and set auto update enabled. Press the F2 button (green button) to update the software. Exit now and choose (servers) menu
    5. Now choose (General) and add a timeserver, Press the (KB) button on your remote to bring up the keyboard on the screen. Here you can fix the time, press ok to save your settings and then exit to (servers).
    6. Choose (Portals) and enter (Alt portal:
    7. If neither of those portals works. use this portal:
    8. Now you can start using the MAG IPTV box.

Please make sure the  DNS on the MAG is set to or, or the new DNS everyone raves about,

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