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First, go to https://superrepo.org/kodi/addon/plugin.program.advancedsettings/

Download easy advanced settings zip from superrrepo. Open a browser on the device and enter the following;


Once you have downloaded it to the device;

Open kodi, and install it by clicking system/addons, install from zip file, external storage/download

Choose the file ‘plugin.program.advancedsettings-0.8.8.zip’

Once it has been installed, go into system and look at system info. At the top you will see;

Free Memory, e.g. 827MB which converts to 867172352 bytes. When configuring the buffer, kodi can use up to 1/3 of that. So divide it by 3 which is 289057450. Round it down e.g. 280000000.

Settings configuration;

Go to Programs/addons, easy advanced settings. Go to edit Settings/Network Settings/Network

Go to chachemembuffersize and change it from DISABLE to the new cache size (e.g 280000000)

Go to buffermode and change it from DISABLE to 0. Go to readbufferfactor and change it from DISABLE to 3

Go back 3 menus and click ‘Write XML file’.

You will get a message ‘new easy advanced settings file has been created’

Restart Kodi and the bufferring settings should be optimised.

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