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Download the GSE Smart IPTV App

Click top left 3 lines and click Xtream-Codes API

Click the + icon, enter Beams-TV into the name

Enter the url section

Enter your username and password in the relevant boxes, then press the OK button once and wait for it to load. Hitting multiple times may result in a login error.

Click add then you will see Beams-TV in the list press it and then click install epg data.

You will see 3 sections – LIVE, Series AND VOD


You may need to change the offset if the EPG is completely off.

You can do this in the Main Menu, by clicking the gear at the top. Under settings, go to EPG Timeshift. You may need to play with this. For example, in the US under PDT, my normal time shift is -8, however, in the GSE app, you need to do 8. You may need to play with this number.

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