GSE Smart IPTV for Android

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How to download and set up IPTV

Step 1: Download “GSE Smart IPTV” App from PlayStore or by pasting the below link into the browser.



Step 2: After installation, tap the “List” icon on the top left and open “Xtream-Codes API” from the menu list.



Step 3: Now hit the “+” button to add Beams-TV to the existing list of “Xtream-Codes API” and fill in the following details.

Name: Beams-TV
Username: (Your Username)
Password: (Your Password)
EPG Time Shift: (Ignore)
Auto Update: (Ignore)





Step 4: After entering the details, wait for it to load and then click the “Add” option to add the “Beams-TV” to the list.


Step 5: Now choose “Beams-TV” from the shown list and tap “Install EPG data” from the displayed options.

Upon successful installation of EPG data, you’re ready to go with LIVE & VOD.




NOTE: You may need to switch between some EPG Time Shifts if it doesn’t work for the first time

To do this, Follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Go to settings from the “List” icon on the top left and Navigate to “EPG Timeshift”.




Step 2: Switch between the number of time shifts in the list and see what works for you.


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