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Add your dream link mac to your account:

Contact one of the admins in the discord group with the following:

Discord: http://beams-tv.com/discord

My mail:

My mac:

This settup assumes you already have the DOL2 (DreamOnline2) app installed and have gone through the initial setup, which is connecting it to the internet, and selecting the appropriate timezone and screen width.  After selecting these settings, it will go through a number of updates, both for Android and for the DOL2 Apps.  Do not power off during these updates.  Please also directly connect your Dreamlink to your router, don’t use wireless for optimum viewing:

From main page, select “My Apps”

Select DreamOnline (DOL2)

Select Edit on your remote and click OK

On the service settings, replace “Service” with Beams or something you remember, since you can add more than one portal.

Fill the rest of the server portal url, which is http://www.beams-tv.stream:80/c

Do not select the box next to Certificate. If it is selected, do not fill in username or password and save. It will unselect on exit with no username or password.

Click OK

Once connected, please exit back out of settings, and enjoy.

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